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The Princess & Platypus Foundation Head to the UK

🇬🇧 In 10 days we will depart LA and head to the UK on a grand adventure for the Princess & the Platypus Foundation (PPF) and the Princess Diana Exhibit.

This February we are headed to London to pick up our Versace dress from Kensington Palace where it has been the feature dress at the exhibit "Her Fashion Story" for the past 2 years.

While we are there we are photographing not only our Versace dress (pictured above) but also three other dresses that were on loan from another private lender; a Catherine Walker (red & black dress), a Victor Edelstein (green dress), a Jacques Azagury (gray dress), and a Yuki Torimaru (purple dress) (all pictured below) as well as 4 sketches from Roland Klein.

All photos will be part of the Princess Diana Exhibit (launching in Spring 2019) and proceeds will benefit The Princess & the Platypus Foundation.

If that's not exciting enough, our trip will also include a photoshoot of the Jacques Azagury dress and on camera interview with him about designing for Diana. We'll then get to meet with Caroline Charles for an interview about her wool coat and the sketches she donated to The Princess & the Platypus Foundation. Plus, we'll sit down for an interview with Roland Klein about designing for Diana and his sketches that he let us take photos of at Kensington Palace. Phew!

This journey has been a dream come true in preserving the legacy of Princess Diana. Thank you for your interest and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

P.S. Will be having lunch with Diana's Personal Chef, Mervyn Wycherley, who worked in the Royal Household for 22 years! #PinchMe

PLEASE NOTE: You can follow along on Facebook + Instagram as we showcase more behind-the-scenes of The Princess & Platypus Foundation head to the UK! #PPF #PrincessandthePlatypusFoundation

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