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Laura Ashely

Laura Ashely was one of Lady Diana Spencer’s favorite designers as a young teenager.  A large number of items were given to staff members in early 1980's as they were going to be sent to a charity shop or disposed of. It was a time when there was a clean out of Lady Diana's room by her step mother Countess Raine Spencer. A number of items were gifted to different staff members to do what they wanted with them.

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White Blouse & Floral Skirt

Princess Diana's personal blouse and floral skirt, made in Wales by "Laura Ashley" and worn for formal events in the 1970's.  They have “Diana Spencer” labels hand sewn into the garments.

White Blouse & Under Skirt

Princess Diana personal white blouse and under skirt, made in Wales by "Laura Ashley", worn to formal events in the 1970's.


Floral Skirt

Lady Diana Spencer floral skirt once worn by Diana as a teenager and donated to the Poland Fund in early 1980’s. 

It has a tag hand sewn into the waist band “D. Spencer” which was supposed to be removed upon the donation. 

The skirt was donated, along with several other items, to the "Help The Poland Fund." During the early 1980s, Poland was under martial law and in desperate need of assistance, including medical aid, clothing, and blankets.

This dress is accompanied by a letter from Sharon Taylor, whose mother Edith was a volunteer. Edith worked closely with Lady Salisbury in this successful effort.


Straw Hat


Laura Ashley designed straw hat, labeled with her name, "Diana Spencer."


Visit The Princess Diana Museum to learn more details about this collection.

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