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FAQ and Troubleshooting

The Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum holds14 galleries to explore with over 1,700 historical items, 40+ exclusive audio interviews with the creators and designers who were close to the late Princess Diana. The Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum is an ongoing charitable educational project and as such, more items of important historical value from Princess Diana's life will be added to the museum over time.  

Important considerations:

The Princess Diana Museum is live online 24/7, high speed server specific downtimes are beyond our control and no express warranties or claims are made here, Go Daddy© High Traffic Business Hosting Server Service Policy applies. The Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum can be accessed anywhere in the world with a wired or high speed wireless always on internet connection, ADSL/DSL/ Ethernet where applicable, additional service fees may apply please check with your local internet service provider (ISP).

You can access The Princess Diana Museum anywhere in the world via your internet web browser from any desktop computer and laptop running Windows PC or MAC operating system. We do not offer support for mobile smartphones or tablet devices such as Apple iOS iPhone© or Google Android©. Due to the large amount of graphical information rendered in The Princess Diana Museum small screen devices are not appropriate to navigate the museum.


The Princess Diana Museum can be best viewed using Google Chrome and Firefox internet browsers and will also work with any popular internet browser except Windows Internet Explorer which to date has been officially discontinued by Microsoft. Other browser specific restrictions apply to Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge due to security issues presented with the use of our dedicated community messaging and video chat Unity® engine within the museum. 

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