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The Princess Diana Museum

After Princess Diana’s death her personal belongings were sold at private auctions and scattered all over the world. It is our mission and passion to preserve as many of her personal belongings, now historical items, as we can in one place, The Princess Diana Museum. With over 1,800 pieces of Diana’s most iconic, carefully curated, personal and historical artifacts, we currently house one of the largest collections in the world. Displayed in a 3D interactive environment, the virtual museum spans Diana’s lifetime, from early childhood through her teenage years and until her tragic death, depicting her incredible life & legacy.

Watch now and know what to expect before you choose. View the virtual museum tour here.

Inside The Princess Diana Museum:
  • A virtual avatar guides you in English or Spanish through fourteen galleries displaying never seen before clothing and historical artifacts from Diana's childhood, and throughout her lifetime, accompanied by a wealth of carefully curated information.

  • A live location map to guide you through the entire experience

  • A “community chat” feature allows you to connect to other museum guests in “real time” either by text, chat or video.

  • Listen to exclusive personal interviews with many of the individuals and artists connected to the historical pieces that are on display in the museum. Each person tells a unique story in their own words; which in turn gives each piece displayed in the museum a new life and meaning that is forever preserved and truly magical to hear. 

  • Some of the individuals and artists interviewed in The Princess Diana Museum are: Richard Dalton - David Sassoon - Jacques Azagury - Elizabeth Emanuel - Caroline Charles - Roland Klein - Victor Edelstein - Mervyn Wycherley - John Minihan - John Swannell - Jeffrey Archer - Bill Mundy - Richard Young - Pegasus - Barbara Hamilton - Barry Iverson, Karen Santry, James Colthurst, Andrew Morton, and Jenni Revitt.

  • Iconic designer gowns beautifully displayed with amazing detail that personify Diana's legacy as a Princess

From the comfort of your desktop, laptop or tablet computer anywhere in the world.

Instant online access 24/7, no lines, no wait.

​The Princess Diana Museum is the first and only of its kind, affordable and accessible online 24/7 to all with no special technical knowledge required.  Princess Diana’s historical items have been photographed in high resolution 2D & 3D using the latest techniques in photogrammetry and virtual reality (VR) allowing visitors to see these incredible iconic pieces up close from the comforts of their own home, anywhere around the world.

Enter the world of Princess Diana...

Once inside the museum a virtual avatar will guide you through the museum in English or Spanish and an exclusive community chat feature will enable visitors to share experiences in real time inside The Princess Diana Museum creating a sense of belonging.  We hope this virtual journey will unite people from all around the world and activate your desire to “give back”, help others in your community expecting nothing in return and treat each other with kindness…as Diana once did.

The Princess Diana Museum displays important pieces from Diana's life. There are over 29 articles of clothing, including never seen before shoes and dresses she wore as a baby, clothing she wore as a teenager, and most notably the iconic Versace Atelier dress she wore on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, which was also the feature dress at “Diana Her Fashion Story” on loan to Kensington Palace for over 2 years.

Your museum access will continue to fund the expansion of The Princess Diana Museum and to support activities in furtherance of the charitable and educational purposes supported or endorsed by the Princess & the Platypus Foundation and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, during her lifetime. 

We welcome you and we appreciate your patronage.

Sneak Peeks: Making of  The Princess Diana Museum

All behind the scenes and "making of" The Princess Diana Museum videos available on our YouTube channel.

Making of / Los Angeles (:30)

Making of / London (:30)

Jacques Azagury Sneak Peek / London (:60)

Roland Klein Sneak Peek / London (:60)

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