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Burberry Plaid Shirt

This Burberry's of London shirt, along with a number of other clothing items, was donated to a Kensington children's charity shop in 1981. The 'D. Spencer' name is hand-sewn into the Burberry's of London label, and the shirt was worn by Diana in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Additionally, the original receipt, issued when she dropped off 27 assorted clothing items on May 20th, 1981, only weeks before her wedding, is included.

IM6A0040 (3).jpg

Burberry Wool Coat

This incredible historical green Loden wool coat was worn by 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer when she first started dating Prince Charles. Still lacking a royal clothing allowance, the teenage teacher's assistant was was photographed wearing this coat at least five times.

Visit The Princess Diana Museum to learn more about these items and the collection within the gallery.

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