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Green Moschino Jacket

This single breasted green Moschino jacket with black detailing and gold buttons with matching skirt was worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, on thirteen occasions:

— With Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002) at Victoria Station in London for the arrival of Italian President Francesco Cossiga on a State Visit, 2rd October, 1990
— Attending The Cafe Royal London Britain in January 1991
— Visit to Setagaya Children's Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, 14th November, 1990
— Attending the Relate Family of the Year awards in London, 11th March, 1991
— During a visit to the Commonwealth War Cemetery, part of Olsany Cemetery in Prague, Czechoslovakia (later Czech Republic), 9th May, 1991
— Attending the Savoy Hotel on 13 November, 1991
— Attending The Stepping Stones Business Luncheon For Young Businessmen at The Carlton Tower Hotel Cadogan Place London, 27th February, 1992
— Opening The Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition on 11th March,1992
— While visiting the Natural History Museum with Prince William and Prince Harry in London, 13th April, 1992
— At the Leather Sellers Hall in London, to unveil a portrait of herself on 6th October, 1992
— With Richard Branson at the naming ceremony of the Virgin Atlantic A340 Airbus Aeroplane, "Lady In Red", 6th December, 1993
— Leaving London for Italy - April 19, 1995
— At a garden party in1995

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