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Chanel Black Wool Dress Jacket


This Chanel black wool dress jacket and belt was personally gifted to a staff member who worked for the Spencer family since 1990.  Diana wore it to her grandmother’s funeral, he fathers funeral, and Adrian Jackson Ward’s funeral as well as three other occasions.


Chanel Red Wood Coat


Chanel red wool coat worn by Diana during her official trip to France on November 7, 1988. This four-button, double-breasted red wool coat was personally gifted to a staff member dubbed the 'A Team' in late 1996 after Diana decided to sort items to be donated to a local charity store.

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Chanel Mint Green Suit

Green Chanel suit worn by Princess Diana on two occasions:

— The opening of the new renal unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

— Attending a lunch in New York on June 23, 1997

IM6A0001 (3).jpg

Chanel Cream Suit


Chanel Cream suit with double pockets outlines in navy blue. Diana wore this on four occasions:

— On a visit to the Royal Hampshire Regiment at Tidworth Camp in Wiltshire, UK where she was Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment at the time, 7th June, 1989
— On a visit to the Relate offices in Northampton, UK, 9th October, 1989
— During a walkabout in the Old Town of Prague, Czechoslovakia, May 1991
— Princess Diana with her son Prince Harry at RAF Wittering in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK, 27th May, 1991


Black & White Chanel Heels 

This pair of Chanel shoes is identical to the ones Princess Diana wore on many occasions.


Princess Diana purchased them for Jayne after Jayne complimented the shoes she was wearing.

They are heavily worn, as Jayne loved them.


Black Chanel Shoes


Black Chanel Shoes size 39 worn by Princess Diana and donated along with a number of items to the charity "Help The Poland Fund."


Poland was under martial law in the early 1980's and in desperate need of help in the form of medical aid along with clothing and blankets. A massive amount of clothing and blankets were donated from all over the world, including a considerable amount of clothing from the Prince & Princess of Wales who were so very generous in their giving.

Chanel Leather Handbag


This black leather handbag was a gift from Karl Lagerfeld. Diana donated it and listed it as number 9 on a letter to Susna dated 15 August, 1997 to which Diana was donating her personal items to raise money for AIDS.

Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see these Chanel pieces as a collection.

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