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Jacques Azagury

"I really wanted people to keep enjoying these iconic dresses and ideally to keep the whole collection together." – Jacques Azagury

"The Famous Five"

Jacques Azagury met Princess Diana in 1987 in London, while he was exhibiting his fall/winter collection. They were introduced by British Vogue editor Anna Harvey, who said, "Jacques, I have someone I’d like you to meet," and when I looked, Princess Diana was standing there, said Jacques.

These five glamorous evening gowns are identical "twins" to the ones Diana wore during her later years and were kept in Jacques' archives. They are known around the world as "The Famous Five." Jacques' patterns and letters are now part of the Princess Diana Museum, following his retirement in late 2023.

The “Swan Lake” Dress

Worn by the Princess to a Royal Gala Performance of Swan Lake at London's Royal Albert Hall on June 3, 1997.


This dress by Jacques Azagury is hand beaded with crystal bugle beads, and is set off by "Hepburn-esque" bows on the dress straps.

The “Bashir” Dress 

This long black silk georgette dress with a fishtail hem was first worn by the Princess in London in September 1995 and again in New York for the Cancer Research Ball the following December. The empire line bodice is made of sequined corded lace.

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Diana's 36th Birthday Dress

The black Chantilly lace dress is hand-embroidered with tiny sequins and beads and features satin straps. It was a gift from Jacques Azagury to Diana, Princess of Wales, on the occasion of her 36th birthday on July 1, 1997. She wore it to the Tate Gallery that evening.

It will remain in history as the last dress Diana wore before her untimely death.


However, for designer Jacques Azagury, it meant so much more — it was his favorite dress.

The "Washington" Dress

This red silk georgette column dress, featuring a deep V cut into the back, was worn by the Princess to the Red Cross Ball Gala dinner in Washington on June 18, 1997.

The hand-beaded bodice, adorned with red bugle beads, extends into a long red skirt with a sash of silk georgette worn around the waist. The sash is trimmed at both ends with red bugle beads.

The “Venice” Dress

Hand beaded with red bugle beads with zip front fastening and short skirt, this red silk georgette two-piece tunic was worn by Princess Diana in Venice, June 1995, to raise money for London's Serpentine Gallery.


The “Final Goodbye” Dress

This black pure silk georgette dress is hand-beaded all over with bugle beads, featuring a full length, plunge neck, and high front slit. The lining is made of pure silk crepe de chine. Created in Knightsbridge, London in 1997 by designer Jacques Azagury.

This was the last dress he ever made for Princess Diana. She was fitted for it just before flying to Paris and was supposed to return for one more fitting to adjust the straps upon her return before wearing it out. The straps remained pinned as they were left during Diana's last fitting, a poignant illustration of the tragic suddenness of her passing.

Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see "The Famous Five" as an entire collection.

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