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“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” – Princess Diana


Removed from the office door of their Royal Highnesses, The Prince & Princess of Wales, after their divorce.

Being a Princess and part of the Royal Family is too much work for one person to do it all alone. Richard Dalton was Princess Diana’s hairdresser for over 12 years and was involved with of all of her iconic hairdos. He traveled the globe with her to ensure Diana was “princess-ready” at all times.

We are fortunate  to know Richard Dalton and are super-excited that he is contributing to our museum by sharing some of his most memorable moments with Princess Diana to preserve for all time. Richard is featured on our world exclusive two-part podcast: Listen here.


Image Source: © Getty Images

October 1985 Diana chats with Richard outside the aircraft during a refueling stopover in Fiji. Come visit the Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum to find out what he and Princess Diana are laughing about.

See more private images in the Princess Diana Museum from Diana’s staff, including Mervyn Wycherley (Head Chef), Reginald Wilcock (the Queen Mother’s under-butler) and Peter Settelen (Diana’s voice coach who conducted her most personal interview ever) as well as items gifted to Jenni Rivett, Diana’s fitness trainer for seven years. 

Visit The Princess Diana Museum to view never-before-seen items from Diana’s life.

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