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“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

– Princess Diana

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation

Inspired by the extraordinary life and work of the late Princess Diana of Wales, The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is a dynamic nonprofit charitable organization that collects, researches, and exhibits historical artifacts and art connected to the Princess.


Through the use of innovative technologies and collaboration with museums and others worldwide, the Foundation’s mission is to preserve the phenomenal legacy of the Princess and provide educational experiences to reveal to the widest array of audiences the immense social and historical impact of the Princess--her remarkable journey, her universal human dimension, her unmatched kindness, and her many good charitable works--through the collection, preservation, and interpretation of historic objects connected to or inspired by her.

In keeping with the legacy of the Princess, proceeds generated by the Foundation will be donated to organizations which share the Foundation’s educational and charitable mission.

Mission Statement

Image Source: © Photo Courtesy of Patrick Demarchelier

Ways you can help preserve Diana's legacy:

Visit The Princess Diana Museum and purchase

a membership: 

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24 Hour Unlimited Access for just $9.95

1 Week Unlimited Access for $19.95 

1 Month Unlimited Access for $29.95 

3 Month Unlimited Access for $49.95

Become a Patron of the Museum:

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“Sequins Patron”

“Jewel Patron”

“Diamond Patron”

“Tiara Patron”

“Crown Patron”​​

Donate or Loan in kind

Princess Diana personal artifacts to display at our

museum and exhibits nationally and internationally.

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Donate via

PayPal Giving Fund.

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