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Gina Fratini

Gina Fratini was one of the Princess's favorite designers and created both day and evening outfits for her. A former employee of the designer recalls that the Princess was very fond of Gina Fratini and that Fratini often brought the garments to Kensington Palace, where fittings were held and Diana could try them on. She also created part of the wardrobe for royal visits abroad, such as the Prince and Princess of Wales' trip to Canada in 1983 and a stunning white chiffon gown for the tour to Brazil, which she wore to a ballet gala in Rio de Janeiro in April 1991.

Black & White Polka Dot Dress

This classic handmade black velvet dress with polka dots labeled Gina Fratini. Princess Diana wore this dress three times: in 1981 with Prince Andrew; on February 8, 1984, with Prince Charles at the Ritz London; and on February 11, 1985, when Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street at a reception in honor of the Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council. This time she wore a bright red coat over her dress.

7M2A0001 copy.jpg

Navy Velvet Dress

This navy dress was made for private occasions. Diana originally donated the dress to a charity, along with another similar black and white polka dot dress. It was bought from the charity and had been in storage until being acquired by The Princess Diana Museum.

7M2A0001 copy (2) (1).jpg

Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see this item from a 3D perspective.

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