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Murray Abreid

Black Velvet and White Taffeta Mermaid Dress

This gorgeous Murray Arbeid black velvet and white taffeta mermaid dress is identical to the one worn by Princess Diana. The owner of this gown, Natasha Fairweather, wore it to attend Prince Edward's 21st birthday party at Windsor Castle on June 22, 1985. Unaware that Princess Diana, who was also in attendance, was wearing the exact same gown that evening!

Natasha recalls: "I had committed the egregious faux pas of wearing the same dress as Princess Diana. What to do? Should I leave the party? A consultation with the Queen Mother was arranged, and she kindly remarked that if Diana insisted on wearing 'off-the-peg' clothes, then this kind of event was bound to happen. 'Go and have a lovely time and think no more of it,' the Queen Mother urged me.

"It made the party rather fun because everyone wanted to talk to me and see this dress," Natasha recalled. "When I noticed Diana and Charles had gone to the dance floor, I went and danced very close to them so that they would notice. As I remember it, Charles pointed it out to her, and she [Princess Diana] just laughed. Obviously, it was not a big deal to her."

This dress was acquired by The Princess Diana Museum in 2021.


Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see this item from a 3D perspective & see more items in the Fashion Icon gallery.

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