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Paul Costelloe


Paul Costelloe was one of Diana's favorite designers and in1993 was appointed her official designer; a collaboration that flourished until her untimely death. He states "The Princess was one of the first to wear the jackets before they came into his collection." However, the jackets for the princess were customized because, as the designer said, she had rather broad shoulders and they were therefore made to measure.

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Polka Dot Blouse

Blouse labeled Paul Costelloe, made in Ireland and is made of pure light green silk with blue — grey polka dots, has light shoulder pads and round embossed golden buttons at the front.

Princess Diana wore the blouse with the matching skirt and blazer, but sometimes she combined the blouse with other clothes and wore the skirt with a simple white top instead of the blouse. 

This blouse was purchased at a charity shop to which it had been donated by Diana. Proceeds from the shop were donated to one of Diana's supported charities.

Diana wore it in Venice as patron of The Serpentine Gallery on June 9th, 1995 and at the Royal Brompton Hospital with Heart Of Britain Charity Children on June 29, 1996.

Navy & Burgundy Stripped Jacket

Paul Costelloe navy and burgundy striped jacket is made of wool and cotton. This was a collaboration that flourished until her death. Diana wore this jacket during many public appearances such Charles playing polo or on outings with her children.

— Cirencesster Polo Club Match - May 1990
— Exhibition of Military Equipment, Horse Guards Parade with Prince Harry - 14 September, 1990

Red Linen Jacket

Paul Costelloe red jacket with gold buttons worn by Princess Diana in the early 90s for private engagements.


Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see this collection along with so many others.

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