Victor Edelstein Sketches

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Victor Edelstein was one of Diana's favorite fashion designers. We are proud to announce we have the largest private collection of Victor Edelstein original sketches in the world on display at The Princess Diana Museum. Also on display over 10 letters and cards from his personal archives.

Listen to our interview with Victor Edelstein as he shares what his favorite gown was that he designed for Princess Diana, as well as a special story about Diana visiting cancer patients and what affect she had on them.

Diana wore this Victor Edelstein dress to the Serpentine Gallery in 1993. It was later sold as Lot 29 in the Christie’s auction of the Princesses’ dresses, 25th June 1997. We are fortunate to have one of ten dresses made similar to the one Princess Diana wore that night. 

This is a sample of the many Victor Edelstein sketches we have on display in The Princess Diana Museum.

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Visit The Princess Diana Museum to see 22 original Victor Edelstein sketches we have on display. The black dress pictured above is one of them! 

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