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Not-So-Unidentified Platypus Object

Just when you think you’ve discovered it all!

As we work day and night to bring you the first of its kind Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum, we labor over every detail and review each image again and again. So, last night in my studio, I'm reviewing an image of when I met Diana 36 years ago as a 12 year old in Australia when I see something totally surprising...

...something I had never seen until now.

Let me just say... this is not just any image, this is thee image that is an integral part of the Princess and the Platypus Foundation and aforementioned museum; thee entire reason for this whole project coming to fruition.

And what do I see...

Nothing less then the very platypus that I picked up in the dirt (read more about it in The Story) that Princess Diana had dropped on the very day she inspired the rest of my life. The image above is the moment after she dropped it and it’s at her feet! Zoom in, Zoom in, Zoom in.....

I really couldn't believe it. How could I have missed that detail all of these years? I was thrilled beyond belief as this discovery was just the sign I needed to keep pushing on for the days and weeks ahead before we launch the Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum later this month!!


And that my friends is how THE PRINCESS AND THE PLATYPUS FOUNDATION was born and how


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